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2016 Top Donor Award #1: Reverse Logistics Branch at C.H. Robinson

Gratitude to the employees of the reverse logistics team for their remarkable efforts in collecting over 500+ school & hygiene supplies to serve less fortunate students in Sierra Leone.

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The Reverse Logistics branch employees at C.H. Robinson                                                                        Murhero Foundation would like to give a special gratitude to the Reverse Logistics branch at C.H. Robinson for their superb efforts in contributing to our cause. With the great leadership of Robert and Tad, all of the employees kindheartedly came together by participating in a donation drive that collected over 500 items. This incredible kindness by the Reverse Logistics team will propel our cause to bringing school and hygiene products to hundreds of school kids in Sierra Leone. Help us show RECOGNITION and THANK the reverse logistics branch at C.H. Robinson for the difference each and every employee is making in the lives of under-resourced students.

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Team donation competition

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C.H. Robinson as one of the leaders in providing third party logistics (3PL) since 1905 has made significant progress in setting a clear vision for the company and working towards achieving it. The company’s general business processes consists of logistics specialist working to transport freight (goods, loads, cargo, fresh produce, etc.) from one location to another in the most cost effective and efficiency manner. “The ongoing challenges of the supply chain industry inspire us to innovate and search for new ideas that challenge limits and extend Beyond Brokerage” (C.H. By focusing on innovative ideas and challenging limits, the company has managed to build a network of 46,000 customers, 66,000 transportation providers, and over 11, 500 employees working to deliver excellent service worldwide. “Our people, processes, and technology improve the world’s transportation and supply chains, delivering exceptional value to our customers and suppliers”(C.H. Robinson). Along with providing superb experience by road, sea, rail, and air for its customer, CHR has donated over 13 million to non-profit organizations with meaningful causes, and has been successful in encouraging its employees to volunteer in their communities to make a difference.


Reverse Logistics

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