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STUDENTS _______________________________________


 Bumpe High School students were some of the brightest students we have had to interact with on our cause. The organization’s initial visit to the school was preplanned and coordinated with the head of the institute principal Joseph Kposowa. Mr. Kposowa a very well respected man in the community had been teacher and now principal of Bumpe High for over 36 years. Upon arrival he called a special assembly for all students to gather and to listen to the message the organization’s chair had brought to share with them. One could sense that the students all of the sudden became more engaged and interested to hear the message when Mr. Kposowa introduced our cause founder as a man whose father he grew up with in Bumpe, a man who he saw playing around the BHS compound when he was just a little boy, and finally states “this man standing here beside me who is about to speak to you came from this town just like you.”

bumpe leaders

We took a slightly different approach in surveying the students of Bumpe High mainly to speed up the process and to select the top performing students from the faculty’s point of view. 30 of the brightest students were selected from J.S.S Form 1 grade level to answer the presented survey of five to six questions. The survey is for our strategic team to be able to understand and further probe the educational level along with each student’s future goals. This information collected on each student is for the creation of profiles on the organization’s website murherofoundation.org. Our advisors believe it’s significantly important that each student be tracked to make sure that they’re performing up to per and to give insightful progress report to our sponsors/supporters in our efforts to be transparent.

SCHOOL _______________________________________


 The school was founded in the early nineteen nineties at around a time when missionary work was highly advocated by the west. With the bigger picture of educating young minds in mind, the Sierra Leone government along with its missionary partners organized the construction of a well-designed high school, which still stand firm today. Its firmness however is not without deterioration over the years especially when came the destruction of war in the country. With the interruption of school the building structures were abandon due to all of the people in the town running into hiding to escape the brutal activities of the rebel war that devastate many lives and homes. Our mission with regards to the deteriorated in and out structures at Bumpe High School is to reach out to potential sponsors who can donate resources that our organization can allocate to this region in West Africa to assist with some of the challenges the school is faced with.

The team experienced a special moment while standing outside the school compound in front of the principal office. After addressing the students and distributing the donation items to the gathering students, the supporting crew and a group of senior students gatheredmurhero story around the mission’s poster “Murhero Foundation Inc.” with further discussion and questions on what is the meaning of the word “Murhero”. One student asked, “Is Murhero a Mende word?” The Mendes are one of Sierra Leone’s populous tribes, which is more concentrated in the southern regions of Bo district. The chair went in depth to explain the origins of how the name was created (Murhero History). 

TEACHERS _______________________________________

Erin Gruwell a remarkable teacher from California once stated, “I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world.” It is imperative that the teachers of knowledge everywhere in the world be recognized and acknowledge for the sacrifice they make in choosing the profession of teaching that is undervalued compared to many other professions. The reality remains that without teachers there will be no students, and without students to learn from teachers there would be doctors, lawyers, entertainers, etc. Great examples that we would like to shed some light on and show recognition to be is the Peace Core teacher name KC Baker.


Our team caught up with KC on the initial visit to Bumpe High School to speak to the students about our cause, and she explained to us that she was coming from New York and was with the Peace Core. The point here is that she chose to sacrifice her life in NY to come to a remote town where there’s no electricity to servekc baker as a teacher for the school community. The organization at first was only aiming to implement a support program for students, but after our meeting with the principal and teachers we learned that there are serious challenges facing the teachers as well. Our board of advisory has dedicated an incentive program that will reward Bumpe High School teachers for their passion of teaching and to assist with some of the challenges in their personal lives. (Teacher’s profiles)


GOAL: School Challenges

 Fund the education of 30-selected students up to entering college

More teachers are needed on staff to teach

Lower 55% of teachers who are not on government payroll

Bring electricity to the school compound (generators, solar, etc.)

Transportation school bus for students & teachers

Boarding housing for students & teachers needs renovations

Computers and Printing machines

Photocopy machine and papers

Continues gathering of personal items to donate to students & teachers: school supplies, hygiene supplies, shoes, clothes, calculators, solar devices, reading classes, reading books, textbooks, etc.

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