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historyMurhero Foundation was founded in 2012 by a young and brilliant mind during his finally year in college of studying ECONOMICS B.S. Being born in an underdeveloped country where opportunities are scarce for countless kids, he understands how blessed and fortunate his circumstance is growing up in the U.S. As an aspiring Entrepreneur/Philanthropist, his mission of uplifting and service to others who can never repay back, and as a result their lives are enriched is the greatest accomplishment in nonprofit charity.

“The idea came to me in college. Being that I was born and spent some of my childhood in an underdeveloped country, I know how scarce opportunities can be for kids with smarts and the drive to achieve.  So I wanted to be part of a project that spoke on that, that speaks volume about me, and just utilize my fortunate upbringing here in the U.S and give back to some of these unfortunate kids that I was once.” (Founder)

Inspired by Dr. H.B Mathia Story
Murhero.org is partially inspired by a man who came from dirt to triumph, and helped to make a difference. Born into a family not of his choosing, his father had many children, he was one of the neglected ones. Despite his struggles, with the love of his mother and his thirst for knowledge, he was able to achieve greatness. His dedication and relentless of pursuit of education landed him a scholarship with the opportunity to leave his humble beginnings and study abroad. Coming from an underdeveloped society, with limited resources and different linguistics, he received his medical doctorate degree while also having to learn a new language and adapt to a new culture. With this accomplishment he could have been selfish and just thought about himself and live the good life. Instead he chose to return back to the rural regions where his mother suffered backbreaking labor for years to put him through school. There were no doctors with his skill level, and where children are lost to a simple infection or fever. He performed procedures on people even if they couldn’t afford it and he saved many lives and took care of hundreds sometimes even at the expense of spending more time with his family. Dr. HBM
Origins of The Name Murhero
Once upon a time with the breakout of war in a troubled country that was once a colony of the British, Sierra Leone. Living in a small town one man and his extended family in fear of combatant (rebels) overtaking the town and inflicting war crimes upon them masterminded a plan to seek refuge in a secluded place. They literally woke up in the middle of the night after hearing gun shots, they knew the rebels were closing in on their village. They hurried miles deep into the forest. The man finally decided not to go back into town, they built a shelter of huts that couldn’t quite prevent rain from pouring in. Nevertheless, it provided some peace of mind and safety for his family. For no particular reason known today why he called this place “Murhero”.



What We DO


Education is one of the key factors in the personal development of humans and the ECONOMIC development of a country as a whole. Our organization intends to make educating the youth in underdeveloped nations one of our main focus.Fund Students Education
This is a vital component to our advocacy of education in these developing regions. Unlike our free education system in the States from grade 1 to 12, in most of our focus countries there is a school fee each student must pay to get even the basic level of an education.Inspire
INSPIRING and UPLIFTING others brings HOPE, and hope is what keeps dreams alive. We want the youth to dream big, because dreaming makes life more interesting and exciting to live.Health & School Supply Services
Individuals and companies are welcome to donate health and school necessities for each of our students being sponsored.Philanthroheros
Since the organization as a whole is mainly going to be focusing on underdeveloped regions around the world, we want to provide our advocators the opportunity to travel and serve as a philanthropist with us on our mission trips.Murhero Magazine
We publish literary works (poems, short stories, creative writing, blogs, anything with a good purpose)
Here at Murhero Foundation inc. In the words of Og Mandino, we believe in “Do all things with love”. The love of something or someone is the central of everything.Quick Story
Former President Clinton was asked in an interview once why he was such a people person and treated everyone the same. He told a story about his mother: she worked at a hospital, as a kid he just remembered his mother being kind and loving to everyone no matter race. When he asked her why she was like that, she said working in a hospital and seeing that when people get hurt we all pain and bleed the same, so we should all be loved the same.Show Recognition
Showing recognition to individuals and businesses who go the extra mile to sincerely pay it forward to others in need or their community is an important element to our mission. We dedicated a separate banner on the upper right side of the company website to feature recognitions.Videohero
Watch and post your awesome inspiring videos for others to see and share with others.Submit A Story
This section is the old version of what murhero.org used to be originally, murhero.com. Here you can SUBMIT STORIES of 3 to 4 sentences of people who inspires you and share these same stories on other social sites (facebook, twitter, etc.).



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