Learn More About KADIATU SAUBA

Learn More About KADIATU : In Her Own Words

I. What do you want to study at a university/college?
Answer I want to study about the solar system in the universe. 

II. What is the difference between LITERACY and EDUCATION? Explain:
Answer:  Literacy is when a person is educated and able to read, education is when you’re educated and able to do great things for yourself and ensure success. 

III. Imagine 10 years from now, where do you see yourself?
Answer:  Ten years from now I see myself to have grown bigger, smarter and into higher education. 

IV. Who is your hero? Who or what inspires and motivates you to be great, explain why this person is a hero to you.
Answer: My hero is doctor Kadie Sesay, she is my hero because she’s a well educated woman.

V. What is your DREAM? What do you want to BE when you grow up?
Answer:  I want to be an astronaut. 

Chair and Kadiatu @ Services classroom

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