Learn More About ANDREW FULLAH

Learn More About ANDREW: In His Own Words

I. What do you want to study at a university/college?
Answer I want to study about law in my university. 

II. What is the difference between LITERACY and EDUCATION? Explain:
Answer Literacy is a person who is trying to learn and education is when a person has already finish to learn his book. 

III. Imagine 10 years from now, where do you see yourself?
Answer:  I see myself as a kid now but in 10 years I see me as an adult in college.

IV. Who is your hero? Who or what inspires and motivates you to be great, explain why this person is a hero to you.
Answer: My hero is REUBEN BANGURA because he is a very good to me as a friend. He share things with me at times when they did not give me money, he pay for my transport to help me to get to school and share lunch with me. 

V. What is your DREAM? What do you want to BE when you grow up?
Answer:  My dream is to be like Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.

Andrew and Father
Andrew receiving gifts by teachers
Andrew and Chair

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