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THE ECONOMIST: READ ARTICLE This pattern is repeated across Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. The failure of the state to provide children with a decent education is leading to a burgeoning of private places, which can cost as little as $1 a week (see article).

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Murhero Foundation is a not for profit charity working to inspire and bring resources to under-resourced youth in Sierra Leone. Our premise is that an educated child will self-empower to thrive and develop the capacity to economic prosperity and end poverty. With the elements of EDUCATION and LOVE, we believe anything is possible no matter the circumstance. Our main purpose is to help the youth realize their maximum potential and provide them with the necessary tools to seize opportunities that will allow them to achieve and economically contribute to the welfare of their communities. Our Objective in 2018 this November-December is to re-visit Sierra Leone for our 2nd annual mission to follow-up and evaluate the 2016-2017 program implementation. Consider helping us give the children of Sierra Leone a brighter future by donating HERE or HERE. Your smallest investment can go a long way in the lives of children who are less fortunate.
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Our team will be preparing to visit this secondary school that the organization has been funding and mobilizing resources to help uplift.

The school district of Houston, TX 77082

Our team will be preparing to visit this school the organization funding and mobilizing resources to.

The board of advisors have collective came up with idea of opening a thrift store in Freetown, Sierra Leone, which all proceeds will be towards the foundation.

Our team will be preparing to visit this primary school the organization funding and mobilizing resources to counter its challenges.